Tuesday, February 8, 2011


From January-March 2011, the Moor plays host to an exhibition of Latin poetry in the old Sunwin House department store windows.

Rockingham Street writer James Blackwell, who studied Latin at the University of Sheffield, is exhibiting his new translation of a famous Horatian ode in bright, eye-catching colours.

It is hoped that the 7-foot-high, 22-foot-across poem will attract the attention of both passers-by and commuters on their bus-ride home.

Fittingly, in view of the regeneration currently undergoing at The Moor, the poem is about renewal and the ever-changing seasons.

The poem has been called the most beautiful in classical literature (by A.E. Housman), and was chosen by James because the ancient poet Horace’s self-deprecating humour and love of life closely echo the outlook of many present-day Sheffielders.

Anyone interested in the exhibition or Latin in general can email James at jbwell@orange.net, or check out the facebook page ‘Sheffield Latin’ where there are pictures of the poem and some notes saying what all the things mean.